Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Now and Soon

(Inspired by my morning meditation on Ps. 103)

The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. Ps.103:19

A gentle word spoken,
               A flower in bloom -

The Kingdom has come,
               and is coming soon.
The laugh of a child,
             The spark in their eye,

The magic of gardens,
               Once dirt – growing high.

And hearts that are softened
               Can finally make room,
For all of our differences,
               Joined to one tune.
The Kingdom has come,
               And is coming soon.

The gift of full tummies,
               Of shoes on bare feet,
Of doctors for all,
               And clean water in heat.
Then more gifts of healed hearts,             
               And monsters defeated,
Light chasing out darkness,
               Fear no longer needed.

And chains they will fall,
               And the small will stand tall,
With the Angels to worship
               The One Lord of All.

It is here now and coming,
               Just look and you’ll see-
The soft urge to forgive,
               and the Son sets you free.
Sweet like a breeze
               On a hot day at noon,
The Kingdom has come
               And is coming soon.